Tuesday, 5 April 2011

no cleaning please!

At Goodenough College we have people that clean our rooms for us once a week.  Often we don't want to be bothered though, or maybe our rooms are really messy and we are too embarrassed to let the cleaners see them.  So we sometimes post these "no cleaning" signs on our doors.  I'm always intrigued by the different designs of these signs...   

Love the green tape on this one!

Classic yellow post-it with black marker

Pink and a lovely smiley face!  All caps adds a touch of gravity to the message.

This person actually wanted their room cleaned and left very clear instructions in red pen (with a nice rectangular red border and smiley face).  The sign was written on a folded card that actually popped out from the door.  Love the 3-D effect.  Also found it interesting how the first letter of every word is capitalized.

I respect the simplicity of this one...

Written on a green post-it for ISH (International Students House)...not sure how I feel about this one since the ISH is one of Goodenough College's competitors for student housing in London...where is the loyalty?!  :-)

Simple and slightly crumpled but at least they included a smiley...

Love the ragged, last-minute, homemade feel of this one, and the scotch tape on the poster is a nice touch.  I also like the way she has capitalized "THANKS" and included a zig zag underline.

One of my very favorites...this handmade font is feminine and lovely, and the flower is beautifully drawn.  The use of blue marker is also quite unique.

This one is quite lovely as well.  (Haha, this one is actually mine!)  I was really proud of the heart-shaped post-it note.

This one looks like it belongs in the ghetto, and the font is actually a little psychotic.  I still like it though.

This one reminds me of a second grader's school notebook.

Wow.  This neon green star-shaped message is really competing with my pink heart-shaped design.  I'm a little jealous.

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