Thursday, 6 January 2011

A few highlights from the British Museum

Elgin Marbles

Bronze head from an over life-sized statue of Augustus

Marble sculpture showing an African acrobat on a crocodile

Roman sculpture of a dude with really cool hair

Close-up of really cool hair

Egyptian Mummies!

Cat mummies!

Anglo-Saxon tools

Oh wait. Are those Anglo-Saxon tools? Or Dunkin Donuts? Hmm. Looks a bit suspicious to me...

Hands of imitation coral (English, early 19th c.) Used as love tokens! (Coral brought good luck.)

Soft-paste porcelain cup and saucer (Welsh, c. 1820)

Gold mouse bracelet (English, c. 1880)

Gold and turquoise lizard bracelet with articulated links. (English, c. 1880)

Pierced eggshell porcelain zarf (Turkish coffee cup holder, French, c. 1850)

The Hon. Mrs. Anne Seymour Damer by Giuseppe Cerrachi, c. 1777

Still wondering about the story behind this little dude.

Love the hair!

Kate + William fever!

Windsor Castle

Adventures in Harrod's

The food halls are gorgeous!

Foie gras with the packaging!

American cereal...didn't know Corn Flakes and Coco Pops were such a delicacy in the UK!

Marshmallow sandwiches

Egyptian hall

The Visconti homo sapiens pen...the first pen ever to be forged from the volcanic lava of Mt. Etna in Sicily! Buy one for me? (only 900 pounds.)


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