Thursday, 26 July 2012

Olympics font

There's been some talk around London about the weird font created for the 2012 Olympics. It reminds me of children's handwriting or the crude, knife-carved scrawl on bathroom walls in dive bars. Such an odd choice! 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


This is the first week in London that feels like summer!  The sun is actually shining, loads of people are outside, and ice cream trucks are on the streets!  :-)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Grand Bazaar

James and I had the most lovely Turkish meal at Grand Bazaar on St. Christopher's Place off Oxford Street. The colorful lanterns hanging from the ceiling created an exotic atmosphere, and the food was incredible. We had some cool puffy bread that looked like a giant egg! 

Nike Town

I made fun of my boyfriend at first for wanting to go into Nike Town, but it actually turned out to be cool. I left the store inspired to "make it count"! I loved the chandelier made of basketball hoops, tennis balls, and sneakers.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Grammar police in the loo!

Saw this notice today on the door of the bathroom stall I was in at the British Library!

Close-up (says "please dispose of unnecessary commas appropriately while you're at it"!):

My boyfriend has really long eyelashes.

Yo! Sushi

James and I went to Yo! Sushi last night. The dishes come in colored bowls, and there is a special "all you can eat" sushi offer on the menu. Looks like the couple across from us went with that option...they had about 50 bowls stacked on their table!  (To compare, I only had 4 bowls and was stuffed!)

Sunday, 15 July 2012

King's Cross Filling Station

Clouds upon the water

Rubbish Duck launch party

Last night I went to the launch party for Rubbish Duck, a sculpture made from 2,000 plastic bottles collected from the Thames River and London's canals. The duck is the work of two MA Communication Design students from Central Saint Martins, Essi Salonen and Ferdinand Povel. The duck was floating in front of the King's Cross Filling Station, a new arts and culture hub, and will remain there for the rest of July.  Congrats to Essi and Fredinand on their adorable, environmentally-friendly project!

Early evening glow


Wise words


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