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I also spent some time in Glasgow during my Scotland trip. I was only there a couple days but loved every minute of it. I'm eager to go back sometime soon and explore the city more. I particularly want to learn more about Charles Mackintosh and the Glasgow School of Art - I'm so intrigued by the work of all the early 20th century Glasgow designers. See below for some Glasgow highlights, including a few rather unusual ones. :-) 

University of Glasgow

Glasgow School of Art 

Kelvingrove Park

Statue on bridge in Kelvingrove Park

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Organ inside Kelvingrove Museum. I was lucky enough to hear a beautiful organ concert!

Suspended white heads at Kelvingrove Museum

Simple but beautiful brown building. Love the windows outlined in green. 

Free Presbyterian Church on Woodlands Road

Side street with apartment buildings. Scotland is very brown and grey, but I find it so beautiful.

View through teal flower on a bridge

"Keep on Truckin" written on a bridge! At first I found this strange since I thought it was an American expression, but after googling, I discovered that Adam Smith (Scottish philosopher and economist) first started using the term trucking to refer to the process of getting what you want from someone else by appealing to their self-interest. Amazing!

Bloodshot eyeballs with wings on bar window

Top USA Nails! Didn't realize American nails were so popular in Scotland. (And not exactly sure how American nails differ from other countries' nails.)

Like both dwarves and diner food? Then Glasgow's Dopey Diner is the place for you!

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