Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Good Fashion Show

Yesterday was The Good Fashion Show, a fashion show, marketplace, & art exhibition featuring the fashions by sustainable and ethical designers and artwork by artists inspired by sustainable and ethical fashion.  I helped organize the event and am already thinking of ideas for next year's show! 

I put together the exhibition, so I was sitting at this table all day giving out information about artists.  Got 1 hour of sleep the night before, so the Pepsi max was needed to get me through the day...

Great photographs by Sash Manev in sustainable cardboard frames

Gorgeous illustrations by Erica Sharp and Zarina Liew

Beautiful illustration by Rachel de Ste. Croix

Turtle Doves gloves and blankets made from recycled fabrics

Beautiful assortment of old lace and fabric

The yummiest fudge ever

Vintage china for sale by Meadowsweet

Adorable vintage dresses

Colorful baskets

And photos from the evening runway show! 

Loved this wedding dress made from bubble wrap!

Closer shot of bubble wrap dress

Finale walk

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  1. Well done for being ones of the organisers of such an ace event. Really do hope you come back next year!
    Christina x



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