Monday, 14 February 2011

Present for my Valentine

First I bought a pretty cupcake and put it in a box.

Then I decorated the box so my Valentine would know it was from me. (That's a picture of a cougar because I'm 4 years older than him.)
Then I decorated the front of a bag, put the cupcake box inside, and put the bag in the hand of a giant red inflatable t-rex!
Side view...
I also bought this cheesy balloon.
And tied it to the dinosaur's other hand!
Finally, I sprayed him thoroughly with one of my favorite perfumes - Oscar de la Renta's Rosamor.
After getting a few weird looks as I walked down the hall with this gigantic monstrosity, I left it outside my Valentine's door.
It was a success! Now the t-rex is standing outside my Valentine's window on this little balcony, staring menacingly at all passers by.


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  1. That is a great valentine! I love the step by step documentation. The cupcake looks like it has glitter on it.



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