Monday, 12 April 2010

Not London!

Back home in sunny Tennessee visiting the family. Took a road trip on Sunday with mom, pop, and little bro to visit my Uncle John and Aunt Helen in middle Tennessee. Made a few stops on the way home to experience the rustic beauty of the countryside and take some photos. I fell in love with the tractor cemetary, the donkeys, goats, guineafowl, cows, & horses. And I remembered how much southerners love Jesus!

Donkey love

The cows were staring at me like I was insane.


Goats at play!

Goats running away from me. :-(

Thinking about crossing the street...don't do it!!

Horse show!
Please attend dear Regina's "benifit"!
Tennesseans love America and Jesus...

Tractor cemetary...beautiful!!!

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